• You will gain access to the latest and greatest models available on the market without paying full price.

  • You will have the flexibility of low monthly payments.

  • Bats can be shipped directly to your home.

  • GRAND SLAM BAT CLUB is an authorized dealer of the brands we offer.

  • We will handle all warranty claims for you if they occur.


Is there a membership fee?

  • Yes.  A five percent (5%) membership fee will be applied to each bat and will vary due to the different price point(s).  This will be included in your monthly payment.


How do I make payments?

  • GRAND SLAM BAT CLUB will charge the credit card number you provide on the same day each month until the end of the 12 month lease term.  

  • If at anytime you choose to purchase the bat, we will charge the remaining balance to the credit card you provided that is on file.


Do I own the equipment?

  • YOU DO NOT OWN THE EQUIPMENT unless purchased at retail price or purchased during the 12 month term in accordance with the Grand Slam Bat Club Purchase Pricing Schedule.

  • When the 12 month lease term is over, you will send the bat back to GRAND SLAM BAT CLUB.  You may select your next bat and a new lease term will begin.


How do I handle a warranty claim?

  • You do not!  GRAND SLAM BAT CLUB will handle that for you when participating in the membership lease program.  Notify us and we will send you a shipping label.  We will cover your bases. 

  • We will send you a replacement bat.

  • Only one warranty claim per bat. 

  • Subsequent claims will be the responsibility of the member.


What happens if I lose my bat or if it is stolen?

  • If you are participating in the membership lease program, you are responsible for the remaining balance left on the lease  term.


What if I want to "flip" my bat before the 12 month lease term is up?

  • You may "flip" your bat at anytime.  However, there will be a $50 fee applied for each bat "flip" and a new lease term will begin.


What if I want to terminate my lease prior to the 12 month lease term is over?

  • Early Termination by Member will initiate an early termination fee of $20 a month for the remaining months of the lease in addition to the monthly fees.